Sex Addiction Signs And Symptoms

Being addicted to sex is no laughing matter. We may see shows on TV or movies where those who are addicted to sex are painted as carefree and happy. However, in real life, for many people who are addicted to sex, it is nothing to laugh at. There may be those who are dependent on sex or are dating one and do not realize it. These sex addiction signs and symptoms go a long way to pinpoint what you should be looking out for. A person who is addicted to sex is someone who often has an adverse sexual behavior pattern. The compulsory conduct generally has a negative impact on a person’s life. Plus, it also often affects those close to the individual.

Although some think they are comparable, being addicted to porn and sex are not the same thing. But, they can both lead to destructive consequences and distress in several areas of one’s life. An individual addicted to sex may be dependent on several things. They are masturbation, prostitution, fantasy, voyeurism, exhibition and pornography. In addition, some of the other types of sex dependencies are masochistic and sadistic behavior and other sexual acts which are deemed excessive.


Signs And Symptoms Of Sex Addiction

Sex addicts are affected in the same way a person addicted to drugs feels the chemical dependency. The brain will reward sex addicts with endorphins which give them feelings of happiness and release. The difference with sex addicts is that they will make new rules as they go along in order to try and control their condition.

Some of the signs and symptoms of a sex addict are as follows:

  • Viewing pornography continually.
  • A person who has a compulsive need to masturbate.
  • Practices unsafe sex.
  • Enjoys meaningless sex with multiple partners simultaneously and engages in one-night-stands.
  • Enjoys voyeurism, cybersex, exhibitionism and other similar activities.
  • Often uses prostitutes or practices prostitution.


There are both emotional and physical symptoms of a sex addict. Typically, those who have a partner who is addicted to sex or porn, are the ones who experience emotional distress. But, the person who is a sex addict will also have these feelings. They include depression, anger, isolation, humiliation and feeling alienated. The majority of people who are sex dependent have fears of being left alone. In turn, they will go from one partnership to the next. Others stay in relationships which are harmful or unhealthy.



The attitude and behavior of a person obsessed with sex can differ. One may often feel detached or incapable of achieving satisfaction from the sex acts. They cannot contain themselves nor the sexual urges. Some become obsessed with finding new romantic partners or having people attracted to them. The end result are many relationships with different individuals.

The consequences of sex addiction can be very harmful for the addict, his family members, partners and friends. They can lead to STDs, emotional distress and other problems.

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