How Much Sex Is Healthy For You?

For those looking for reasons to have sex, research has given them more. According to several studies, having sex frequently can improve one’s health. In fact, the research found that there are numerous benefits connected to frequent sex. On the other hand, there are those who argue about just how much sex is healthy for you. After all, life has shown that too much of anything can sometimes be harmful.

The benefits of regular love-making are several which include burning fat and slimmer waistline. In addition, you reduce stress levels and lower your blood pressure. For men, the chances of prostate cancer are diminished as well. Unfortunately, recent statistics shows that the number of Americans having sex has decreased. That is when compared to the same numbers from a decade ago. Americans on average, are having sex nine times less each year than they were back in 2000 and 2004. For couples who are married, the number drops even lower at 16 times less a year.

So why exactly are people having less sex when they know it is good for them? What exactly is driving the decline in individuals when it comes to making love? Some speculate that the steep drop is due to several factors. One of the culprits is the availability of entertainment for people. With things such as Netflix, cable and other streaming services, everyone is busier than ever. Their free time is less than it used to be now. Many individuals spend time watching TV at home. That time used to be spent doing other things such as sex. You also have the proliferation of mobile devices and computers. People have so many things to do and play with – besides each other – that their free time is less than ever.

Still, this doesn’t mean this generation is going sexless. On average, adults are having sexual intercourse at least 54 times a year. That averages to about once every week. Married couples who live together have sex less than that though. The number of times they have sex is about 50 times a year.

Those who are engaging in weekly sex should be feeling good about themselves. Weekly sex can lead to happier and healthier lives. The research on how much sex is good for you found that couples who have it often, are better off than those who do not. However, those who have sex more than once a week did not fare off better than others though. This means that having sex once or more than twice a week will render about the same results for couples.

Being happy does promote more sex, among other things. Besides improving on a person’s physical appearance, there are benefits mentally. For those couples who are having sex less than once a week, try to have more. But, you need to make sure that the sexual intercourse is not forced. Studies shows that couples who did so where not happier in the long run.

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