Mar 06

Top Questions About Sex Men Are Dying To Ask Women

Women always complain that men simply don’t get them. Based on past history, countless of men have been trying for centuries to figure the female out. So in part, that statement appears to be true. Still, there are several ways for males to get to know women better and have better relationships with them. Asking […]

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Feb 26

Sex Addiction Signs And Symptoms

Being addicted to sex is no laughing matter. We may see shows on TV or movies where those who are addicted to sex are painted as carefree and happy. However, in real life, for many people who are addicted to sex, it is nothing to laugh at. There may be those who are dependent on […]

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Feb 03

How Much Sex Is Healthy For You?

For those looking for reasons to have sex, research has given them more. According to several studies, having sex frequently can improve one’s health. In fact, the research found that there are numerous benefits connected to frequent sex. On the other hand, there are those who argue about just how much sex is healthy for […]

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