How MILFs Made Dating Older Women Popular

Trends can make or break things no matter what they are related to. In one swoop, something which becomes popular is suddenly accepted by mostly everyone. When older men first began dating very young women, they were looked upon with contempt. Not just the men who had the woman, but the younger girls they were with. However, since lots of rich men, movie stars, athletes and famous people were doing it, the trend became accepted. Before long, most individuals who saw an older male with a younger girl would not bat an eye.

As trends go, there soon came one where it was time for mature women to change things. This time around, older women were going after youthful guys. The women who did this were called cougars since they viewed them as hunting younger males. Although you could see couples of different ages all over, most of society was not ready to accept it. Especially when it came to mature women dating young men.

But somewhere along the line, things changed dramatically. In an instant, the same mature women who were once the ones viewed as preying upon the adolescent, had become the prey. Teenagers and young adults unexpectedly started to pursue the mature women. These older females were sought after and desired by guys all over. So what exactly prompted that change to take place? What made young males become obsessed with dating older women? If there is one word which can describe it all, it is the word MILF.


The acronym MILF stands for “Mom I would like to fuck” as heard in mainstream Hollywood movies, TV shows and all over the web. What started as joke, soon turned into an internet sensation. In addition, it helped shape and change how society looked at older women. Even though this happened in the 70s with the movie The Graduate, it was not the same. Although many young guys wanted to go out with older women after they saw that movie, the impact was not like the MILF factor.


Part of the reason had to do with pornography and how it exploited the MILF genre. If you visit any porn site today, you will find endless sex pictures, animated porn GIFS and videos related to mature women. Furthermore, the phrase MILF or MOM are actually two of the most popular searches when it comes to adult material. It was as if every teenager, young adult and person wanted to have sex with a mature woman. For those that were reluctant to date an older woman out of peer pressure or what society may think of them, it all changed. You even had celebrities such as the young actor Ashton Kutcher date and marry the MILF Demi Moore. That move, along with others, took young males dating older women to mainstream.

That isn’t to say that only reason youthful males date older women is because of the word MILF. Or because they are all only focused on looks. There are many men out there who genuinely set out to date mature women for various reasons. The pros and cons to dating an older woman are some of the most popular topics on the web today. Fact is that there are many reasons as to why a man would want to date an older woman. A mature woman is typically more financially independent than the younger counterparts. They are also more mature and ready to deal with life in general. Having a mature woman in your life means your partner will have more experience than you. This can be great not only when it comes to dealing with problems, but also sexually. A mature woman knows exactly what she wants when it comes to sex. She also knows what pleases her and what to do to satisfy her partner.

Since older women are more likely to have faced fears, insecurities and other issues head on, they are more reliable. Young males also appreciate the independence of a mature woman. Keep in mind that women reach their sexual peak at a different age than men do. An older woman may be at her sexual peak at the same time a young male is at his. That makes for a perfect match since both will want to have sex constantly.

Besides all of these reasons, one could never ignore the role fantasy played in this issue either. In fact, the porn industry uses the fantasy factor as a way to make porn pics and sex GIFS of MILFs more desirable. Truth is that millions of males spend hours dreaming of having sex with a mature woman. They can be a friend’s mother or a gorgeous and sexy school teacher. Perhaps it is their nurse or doctor, the waitress at a diner or even their boss. No matter where you look, chances are that there is a hot and enticing MILF you know.

Another issue to remember is that not all MILFs are old. The age range of MILFs is typically 25 to 50 years old. That’s because for a young teenager, a beautiful and sexy 25 year old mom is someone they would love to fuck. No matter what side of the argument you stand on, MILFs are everywhere you look. That in itself, is what makes them so popular and desirable.